Yes, It All Goes in the Same Truck.


If you see your recycling going into the same truck as your garbage, there's a good reason.

Tri-County Industries is expanding our use of Split-Body trash collection vehicles!

These unique trucks are completely split down the middle  60/40 so that regular trash can be gathered in one side, while all of your recyclables are stored in the other side. All of your waste is transported to our collection facility, but from there the landfill waste is separated from the recyclables. At the facility, single-stream (or commingled) recycled materials are appropriately sorted by type (paper, plastic, metals and cardboard).

Thanks to our split-body garbage and recycling collection vehicles we are able to:

1. Increase collection speed and efficiency. Instead of sending two different trucks on the same route, one split-body truck can do all of the work.

2. Have fewer trucks traveling through your neighborhood, cutting down on noise and traffic.

3. Decrease the amount of fossil fuels needed to power our fleet.

4. Increase our ability to collect recycling in rural areas.


So rest assured that even though all of your recycling and trash are indeed going into the same vehicle, their ultimate destinations are different!