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Commercial Service Information

Below are some of the most common questions we receive. For specific information about your garbage and recycling services, please contact us.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I pay for extra yardage?
Your service charges are based on a maximum amount of yards per week. Any extra yardage triggers extra fees in our billing system. These fees account for fees Tri-County incurs for disposal of more waste than scheduled as well as delays on the route and additional man hours due to more time spent at a stop with extra yardage.
What holidays might affect my collection day?
Tri-County Industries commercial drivers observe New Years’ Day and Christmas Day. If your collection falls on or after a weekday holiday it will be one day later that week.
Where do I send my payment?
Did you know that you can make a payment online? To mail the payment, please make the check payable to Tri-County Industries, Inc. and send it to:
Tri-County Industries, Inc.
PO Box 858
Mars, PA 16046
Can I dispose of electronics in my trash?
State regulations require electronics (TV’s, Computers, Printers) be properly recycled. Click here for location and contact information for companies that recycle electronics, as well as special collection dates.
Can I dispose of paint in my trash?
Paint may be placed out with your regular trash if it is solidified. Sawdust, sand or kitty litter may be used to help dry it out. Alternatively, hardware stores that carry paint also sell packets of powder that will harden paint in minutes.
How do I dispose of a refrigerator or air conditioner?
These items can be disposed of for an additional pre-paid fee.  Please contact us before setting these types of items out for collection.

Still Have Questions?

Contact us during normal business hours at 724-748-4705 or use our contact page anytime!