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Important Announcements

Snowy Weather
During inclement weather, our trucks may NOT be able to pick up on roads that have not been recently maintained by state and local plow trucks. These will be attempted later in the week, so leave your trash and recycling at the curb. It is the customer’s responsibility to keep all containers accessible for our trucks. If snow is piled in front of a container or the container enclosure, we will not be able to service the container. Thank you for your patience and understanding as safety is always important to us.

Welcome to Tri-County Industries, Inc.

Tri-County Industries has become one of the largest privately owned waste removal and recycling services in the area by helping residential and commercial customers choose the most efficient waste disposal services for their needs. We are proud to serve the areas of Lawrence, Crawford, Venango, Mercer, Clarion, and northern Butler counties.

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Safety Matters