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Wolf Administration Awards TCI Grant for Cleaner Fuel Vehicle Projects


The Wolf Administration has awarded more than $2.1 million in 2019 Alternative Fuel Incentive Grants (AFIGs) to 18 cleaner fuel vehicle projects statewide. The grants were awarded to projects that will help improve air quality and public health by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

Tri-County Industries will receive $300,000 for eight CNG waste collection vehicles. These new vehicles will expand our fleet to a total of 14 CNG collection trucks.

The switch to CNG vehicles is part of our initiative to make the best use of one of our renewable resources: landfill gas. When organic matter at Seneca Landfill breaks down, the gas that is released is captured and converted into a usable form of fuel. 

This undertaking, as well as the 17 other grant-winning projects, will put 82 cleaner fuel vehicles in use. They are expected to reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 1,349 metric tons per year.