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Tire Disposal: How to Legally Dispose of Tires in PA


Waste tires and stockpiled tires can create many health, environmental and safety issues, so it is important to know how to properly manage them. In Pennsylvania, it is illegal to knowingly dispose of whole waste tires in a landfill or to mix whole tires with solid waste destined for disposal at a landfill. 

For this reason, please DO NOT throw tires in with your municipal curbside trash collection or in your commercial container. 

Instead, tires must be taken to a proper recycling facility.  For help finding a tire recycling center near you, visit DEP's website or the Earth911 guide.

Tire recycling facilities occasionally host events during which you can drop off tires for a reduced fee. These events can be found on the Pennsylvania Resource Council website.

These laws help ensure that waste tires are disposed of in the safest and most responsible manner. We appreciate your compliance.