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Seneca Landfill: How a Modern-Day Landfill Operates


Ever wonder where your garbage goes?

Seneca Landfill is a cutting-edge facility serving the needs of customers throughout Western Pennsylvania and Ohio by accepting a wide range of non-hazardous waste. But that's just the beginning of what they do for Tri-County Industries' clients and our community.

"By permit, Seneca Landfill is a landfill. By my description, Seneca Landfill is a renewable natural gas facility," explains Ed Vogel, Vice President of Vogel Holding, Inc. "The common complaints used to be in the past ... always about the litter, odors, dust, mud tracking out on the roads. The reality is, (with) the new state-of-the-art landfill, a lot of the old fears are ... misconceptions now."

So what exactly is the difference between the old idea of a landfill and what Seneca Landfill really is? "The reality is, a modern-day landfill like Seneca Landfill is designed, permitted, and engineered to be environmentally safe," explains David Smith, General Manager of Seneca Landfill.

Ed and David explain what makes Seneca a state-of-the-art landfill and renewable energy resource in the brief video below.