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New "Slow Down to Get Around" Law in PA


In a few weeks, PA will become the newest state with a "Slow Down to Get Around" law. This legislation was written to help keep waste collection employees safe, and to educate drivers on how to safely pass collection vehicles on the road.

Here's what you need to know:

"Section 4572.2 ... requires solid waste collection vehicles to activate a bright yellow strobe light affixed to the roof while stopped upon a street and engaged in the collection of garbage, or while moving between stops at a speed not greater than 10 miles per hour.

Upon approaching and passing a stationary solid waste collection vehicle that has activated the bright yellow strobe light, drivers shall proceed as follows:

1. Make a lane change into a lane not adjacent to the solid waste collection vehicle, if possible in the existing safety and traffic conditions; or

2. If a lane change is impossible, prohibited by law or unsafe, reduce speed to a reasonable speed for the road and traffic conditions, which shall be less than the posted speed limit, and be prepared to stop."

This is a great step in ensuring the safety of our drivers. Being struck by motorists is a leading cause of death for waste and recycling collection employees, and with proper awareness, is completely preventable.

We appreciate your help in keeping our employees safe!