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How to be Septic Smart


Tri-County Industries is dedicated to improving our communities and protecting our environment. We have experts on staff to ensure that we're keeping the water and air around us clean, pure and healthy.

Part of our mission is to raise awareness about how you can play a part, too. Household pollution is one of the leading contributors of environmental problems, including groundwater contamination. Along with the PA DEP, we'd like to share tips about how small changes to your daily life can protect the environment, keep our community healthy, and improve your life.

If your home has a septic system, be septic smart! If your septic system isn't maintained or used correctly, there's a risk of contaminating our shared groundwater and surface water. That could lead to viruses and bacteria getting into the water we all drink and swim in. It can cause eye and ear infections, gastrointestinal illness, hepatitis, or other infectious diseases in humans and animals. 

Plus, a misused septic system can end up costing you a lot of money for repairs.

The PA DEP provides lots of great tips for responsible septic system use. These tips will help you:

  • Protect our shared drinking water supply
  • Keep your septic system working properly (and help avoid repairs)
  • Protect the value of your property
  • Keep your family and neighbors safe and healthy.

For their list of tips, visit the PA Environmental Digest's website. If you own a septic system, we hope you'll put these tips to good use!

If you don't have a septic system, keep an eye on our website for other ways you can help reduce household pollution. We're all members of the same community, so let's work together to protect our shared resources. We appreciate your help!