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6 New CNG Trucks at TCI


Tri-County Industries has added 6 new compressed natural gas (CNG) tractors to our fleet. We now have 40 CNG vehicles in our fleet across all of the Vogel companies. 

By switching to Clean Energy Natural Gas Fuel, we've reduced our total greenhouse gas emissions by 1,215 metric tons per year!  That's like:

  • planting 31,113 trees
  • removing 256 cars off the road
  • or recycling 436 tons of waste instead of landfilling. 

The switch to CNG vehicles is part of our initiative to make the best use of one of our renewable resources: landfill gas. When organic matter at Seneca Landfill breaks down, the gas that is released is captured and converted into a usable form of fuel. 

The new LEGO-V CNG station at Seneca Landfill is now powering the Vogel fleet, including the 6 new TCI tractors. We look forward to continuing our switch from conventional to renewable fuel-powered vehicles.